The originally-proposed PRECISE-DAPT score is a 5-item risk score supporting decision-making for dual antiplatelet therapy1 duration after PCI. It is unknown if a simplified version of the score based on 4 factors (age, hemoglobin, creatinine clearance, prior bleeding), and lacking white-blood cell count, retains potential to guide DAPT duration. The 4-item PRECISE-DAPT was used to categorize 10,081 patients who were randomized to short (3-6 months) or long (12-24 months) DAPT regimen according to high (HBR defined by PRECISE-DAPT ≥25 points) or non-high bleeding risk (PRECISE-DAPT<25) status. Long treatment duration was associated with higher bleeding rates in HBR (ARD +2.22% [95% CI +0.53 to +3.90]) but not in non-HBR patients (ARD +0.25% [−0.14 to +0.64]; pint = 0.026), and associated with lower ischemic risks in non-HBR (ARD −1.44% [95% CI −2.56 to −0.31]), but not in HBR patients (ARD +1.16% [−1.91 to +4.22]; pint = 0.11). Only non-HBR patients experienced lower net clinical adverse events (NACE) with longer DAPT (pint = 0.043). A 4-item simplified version of the PRECISE-DAPT score retains the potential to categorize patients who benefit from prolonged DAPT without concomitant bleeding liability from those who do not.,
American Heart Journal
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Costa, F. (Francesco), van Klaveren, D, Colombo, A. (Antonio), Feres, F, Räber, L, Pilgrim, T, … Valgimigli, M. (2020). A 4-item PRECISE-DAPT score for dual antiplatelet therapy duration decision-making. American Heart Journal, 223, 44–47. doi:10.1016/j.ahj.2020.01.014