In this paper we are proposing the IOT based intelligent guidance and navigation system for visually impaired person with low cost. As visually impaired person continuously requires assistant and monitoring of other people for their mobility, health and routine, due to this they are more dependent on other people. They can used only their senses such as by sound or by feel, touch and moreover, they use stick to navigate which is not much helpful. As they face issue in communicating easily with the surrounding. In order to solve the travelling issue we are presenting a light weight intelligent guiding system in the shape of pair of glasses which will provide guidance properly. As IOT has changed the whole industry, our proposed system for navigation system includes some sensors like ultrasonic distance sensor, GPS, camera which is being mounted on a Raspberry Pi board. This detects the obstacles in their path to navigate themselves on different location efficiently and safely. The information about the obstacle and the text which is present in front of the user is being informed to the visually impaired person through audio device which can be ear phones and if any issue arises regarding the audio which can be due to noisy environment the person is being informed through vibration. Camera module captures the object and informs the user what it is. This system continuously monitors in real time environment for avoiding the obstacles. Sensors plays the key role in the whole system to detect and guide the visually impaired person.

Camera, ETA, OCR (Optical Recognition System), Smart glass, Ultrasonic sensor,
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
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Erasmus University Rotterdam

Venugopal, V.K. (Vattumilli Komal), Naveen, A. (Alampally), Rajkumar, R. (R.), Govinda, K. (K.), & Masih, J. (Jolly). (2020). Low cost audio based intelligent guidance system for visually impaired people. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24(3), 515–520. doi:10.37200/IJPR/V24I3/PR200809