The context of co-located creative entrepreneurs offers resources, in particular identity motives and important residents, that can be used in entrepreneurial identity work. Survey data were collected from entrepreneurs in 10 creative business centres. The results show that the professional identity of creative entrepreneurs has three components: organizational, innovative and artistic. These components follow different formational processes. Positive influences were found between the importance that one places on having others at the location who have shown themselves to be successful and the belonging, personal efficacy, and self-esteem that come from being part of the co-location. In addition, in general those entrepreneurs who have joined the creative business centre more recently experience a stronger change in identity. The findings provide insights into the way in which creative entrepreneurs use their context to manage their identity.

Co-location, Creative industries, Entrepreneurial identity, Identity work
International Journal of Arts Management
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Bhansing, P.V, Wijngaarden, Y.G.D, & Hitters, H.J.C.J. (2019). Identity work in the context of co-located creative entrepreneurs: How place influences professional identity. International Journal of Arts Management, 22(2), 7–23. Retrieved from