In this dissertation, treatment adherence among non-Western European MLWH living in the Netherlands was investigated, with a particular focus on adherence to cART. This dissertation contains studies that explored different ways to measure adherence, and factors associated with adherence in MLWH. Furthermore, the feasibility and, if feasible, the possible efficacy of directly administered antiretroviral therapy, group medical appointments, screening and treatment of psychological distress, and peer support as interventions to improve treatment adherence was investigated. Further, the availability of support services (in addition to medical care) for MLWH in the Netherlands, from the perspective of HIV care providers, was explored.

HIV/AIDS, migrants, treatment adherence, interventions
A. Verbon (Annelies) , dr. S.E. Stutterheim (Sarah)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Most of the studies presented in this thesis have been supported by an unrestricted scientific grant by the Dutch Aids Fonds (grant number: 2011107)
Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Been, S.K. (2020, May 6). HIV Treatment Adherence and Adherence Improving Interventions among Migrants Living with HIV in the Netherlands. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from