The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate, develop and validate models for predicting fatal and non-fatal outcome after trauma in the Netherlands.

The dissertation addresses the following questions:
I. How can we improve and use prediction models for fatal outcome after trauma?
II. To what extent can we predict non-fatal outcome after trauma?

Trauma, Injury, Prediction, Mortality, Prospective cohort, Health status, Anxiety, Depression, Costs
E.W. Steyerberg (Ewout) , S. Polinder (Suzanne) , M.A.C. de Jongh (Mariska)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The original date of defence for this dissertation was April 1. Because of Corona this was postponed to September 29

de Munter, L. (2020, September 29). Outcome prediction for improvement of trauma care. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from