Degrowth refers to a radical politico-economic reorganisation that leads to smaller and more equitable social metabolisms. Degrowth posits that such a transition is indispensable but also desirable. However, the conditions of its realisation require more research. This article argues that critical agrarian studies (CAS) and degrowth can enrich each other. The Agrarian Question and the Growth Question should be addressed in concert. While degrowth should not fall into the ‘agrarian myth’, CAS should not embrace the ‘myth of growth’, even when green and socialist. Ideas of one philosopher and four agrarian economists are presented, with illustrations from Bhutan, Cuba and North America, hoping to offer a preliminary research agenda for ‘agrarian degrowth’.

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Keywords Sustainability, anarchism, Marxism, agrarian and environmental justice, Bhutan, Cuba
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Journal The Journal of Peasant Studies
Gerber, J. (2020). Degrowth and critical agrarian studies. The Journal of Peasant Studies, 47(2), 235–264. Retrieved from