This Correspondence takes issue with the repeated use of the term “energy bullying” by authors Monyei, Jenkins, Serestina and Adewumi in their paper Energy Policy 119 (2018) pp68-76. Reasons are advanced why the authors' criticism of the global north lacks clear empirical evidence, and risks undermining efforts to combat climate change. A more constructive approach of working together between global south and global north is put forward by the corresponding authors.

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Keywords Energy justice, Global south, Global north, Climate change, Renewable energy
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Journal Energy Policy
Todd, I., De Groot, J., Mose, T., McCauley, D.A., & Heffron, R. (2019). Energy sufficiency and energy mobility: a response. Energy Policy, 113, 110–117. doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2019.05.012