Ventricular pressure-volume (PV) analysis is the reference method for the study of cardiac mechanics. Advances in calibration algorithms and measuring techniques brought new perspectives for its application in different research and clinical settings. Simultaneous PV measurement in the heart chambers offers unique insights into mechanical cardiac efficiency. Beat to beat invasive PV monitoring can be instrumental in the understanding and management of heart failure, valvular heart disease, and mechanical cardiac support. This review focuses on intra cardiac left ventricular PV analysis principles, interpretation of signals, and potential clinical applications.

Left ventricular haemodynamics, Myocardial energetics, Pressure-volume loop,
European Heart Journal
Department of Cardiology

Bastos, M.B, Burkhoff, D, Maly, J. (Jiri), Daemen, J, den Uil, C.A, Ameloot, K.P.W, … van Mieghem, N.M. (2020). Invasive left ventricle pressure-volume analysis: overview and practical clinical implications. European Heart Journal, 41(12), 1286–1297. doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehz552