The constancy of the number of cervical vertebrae in mammals is probably the result of selection against associated variations. A survey among patients with and without cervical ribs showed an association between miscarriage and the presence of cervical ribs. This supports the hypothesized selection against variations in cervical vertebral number.

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Keywords Cervical rib, Miscarriage, Reproduction, Thoracic outlet syndrome
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Journal Early Human Development
Schut, P.C. (P. C.), Eggink, A.J, Cohen-Overbeek, T.E, Van Dooren, T.J.M. (T. J.M.), de Borst, G.J, & Galis, F. (F.). (2020). Miscarriage is associated with cervical ribs in thoracic outlet syndrome patients. Early Human Development, 144. doi:10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2020.105027