This paper introduces a theoretical framework for research on the dynamics of self- and otherfocused emotional intelligence (EI). The EI-framework focuses specifically on the interplay between different EI dimensions when individuals are processing their own emotions and the emotions of others. The framework captures different phases of processing self- and otheremotions. The first phase consists of situational cues (e.g., an argument) that elicit interdependent emotions in the self and others. The next phase specifies differential and interacting effects of EI dimensions when processing these emotions, and the third phase describes what proximal and distal consequences this processing may have. In addition, the framework includes candidate dispositional and contextual factors (e.g., emotion-type, motivation) that may qualify the process.

emotional intelligence, emotion processing, emotions, situational cues, social interaction,
Journal of Research in Personality
Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Pekaar, K.A, van der Linden, D, Bakker, A.B, & Born, M.Ph. (2020). Dynamic self- and other-focused emotional intelligence. Journal of Research in Personality, in press. doi:10.1016/j.jrp.2020.103958