This thesis presents novel in vitro models to study the differentiation of airway progenitor cells. These models were subsequently used to study the function of SOX2 and SOX21 in the development and regeneration of the airways.

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Keywords Airway, stem cells, progenitor cells, SOX2, SOX21, in vitro models, human, mouse, organoids, in vivo model, regeneration
Promotor D. Tibboel (Dick) , R.J. Rottier (Robbert)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The work presented in this thesis was financially supported by the Sophia foundation for medical research [grant number S14-12] and a grant from The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development [ZonMW; grant #114021508]
ISBN 978-94-6375-848-2
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Eenjes, E. (2020, April 29). Airway progenitor cell development and function : mimicking in vivo behavior in vitro. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from