Post-bureaucratic, collaborative organizational arrangements possess great potential for innovation, but alignment of the dissimilar goals, values and interests of participants is required. We propose and empirically test how visionary leadership can increase innovation in multidisciplinary teams, by fostering internal team cohesion and external team boundary management. We rely on longitudinal, multi-source data concerning social welfare professionals and their team leaders across 95 teams. Our results show that visionary leadership is positively related to improved team cohesion and team boundary management over time. The positive relationship between visionary leadership and team innovation is mediated by team cohesion, but not team boundary management.

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Keywords collaborative governance, collaborative innovation, innovation, teamwork, Visionary leadership
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Journal Public Management Review: an international journal of research and theory
van der Voet, J, & Steijn, A.J. (2020). Team innovation through collaboration: how visionary leadership spurs innovation via team cohesion. Public Management Review: an international journal of research and theory. doi:10.1080/14719037.2020.1743344