Background: The CarerQol instrument can be used in economic evaluations to measure the care-related quality of life of informal caregivers. Tariff sets are available for Australia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA. Objective: Our objective was to develop tariff sets for the CarerQol instrument for Hungary, Poland and Slovenia and to compare these with the existing value sets. Methods: Discrete-choice experiments were carried out in Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. Data were collected through an online survey between November 2018 and January 2019, using representative samples of 1000 respondents per country. Tariffs were calculated from coefficient estimates from panel mixed multinomial logit models with random parameters. Results: All seven CarerQol domains contributed significantly to the utility associated with different caregiving situations. Attributes valued highest were ‘physical health’ (tariffs for no problems were 15.6–21.8), ‘mental health’ (18.1–18.9) and ‘fulfilment’ (16.3–22.9). Value sets were comparable across the countries, although in Poland ‘a lot of fulfilment’ was valued higher (22.9) than in Hungary (16.3) and Slovenia (17.1). Compared with existing value sets, in the three Central European countries, ‘fulfilment’ was more important, whereas ‘financial problems’ were less important. Conclusion: For the first time in the Central and Eastern European region, country-specific tariffs are now available for the Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian versions of the CarerQol instrument. This facilitates inclusion of the impact of informal care in economic evaluations. Our results can be used to develop and evaluate country-specific health policy strategies to support informal caregivers. The differences found in informal care preferences highlight the limited transferability of CarerQol tariffs across European regions.,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Baji, P. (Petra), Farkas, M. (Miklós), Golicki, D, Prevolnik Rupel, V. (Valentina), Hoefman, R.J, Brouwer, W.B.F, … Péntek, M. (2020). Development of Population Tariffs for the CarerQol Instrument for Hungary, Poland and Slovenia: A Discrete Choice Experiment Study to Measure the Burden of Informal Caregiving. PharmacoEconomics. doi:10.1007/s40273-020-00899-2