The OECR, SURF Educatief and CHEPS have organised this conference to bring together university staff and national policy makers of the different European countries to discuss the contemporary educational benefits of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Higher Education. These benefits refer to teaching and learning within Higher Education institutes, as well as opportunities for cooperation between Higher Education institutes and other organisations within their region. The conference has been organised along four themes. For the theme The Mirror of Europe the Organisation Committee has invited 12 speakers from 12 different countries, to present their national developments in the area of ICT in Education. These invited papers will be published in a separate booklet. The same goes for the contributions of the invited keynote speakers. The full papers within the themes Institutional Responses and Regional Context are contained in this book of the conference proceedings. We are convinced that the high quality and originality of the submitted full papers found in these proceedings ensure stimulating discussions on the new benefits of ICT in Higher Education. Many papers are based upon findings of thorough educational research in the area of teaching and learning, other papers rely upon broad experiences with actual implementation and application of ICT in educational institutes. Together with the invited papers these contributions present a complete picture of the status quo in this area. The papers in these proceedings are gathered in three tracks. The track Teaching and Learning Models covers interesting topics such as Learner-centred Education, Competence-based Education, Digital Learning Environments and Learning Styles, Learner Motivation and Innovative Educational Models. Examples of topics in the track Organisational Change are Training Teachers in the use of ICT, Implementation Strategies and Virtual Universities. Although the track Infrastructure contains only a small number of full papers, some of these are very up-to-date and cover topics such as Collaboration Systems, Learning Management Systems and Rapid Content Production. We thank the authors of the papers for their contribution to these proceedings. The huge effort that they spent on before hand is the base for the success of this conference and for the quality of this book. We are grateful to them for joining with us their thoughts and experiences.

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The New Educational Benefits of ICT in Higher Education
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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