The vast increase of technical, diagnostic, and treatment possibilities and deepened understanding of molecular biology has revolutionized diagnosis and treatment of cancer and thus has great impact on pathology. Different professionals are responsible for proper evaluation of the results and their translating into an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Next to expertise, a close interaction between clinical molecular biologists, pathologists, and oncologists is required; it is crucial that these professionals speak “the same language.” Key to this is communication skills and creating possibilities for collaboration in a meaningful context. Here, we present an interprofessional, educational workshop model and we describe the parameters that contribute to effective learning by specialists.

Interprofessional, Learning, Molecular diagnostics, Oncology, Pathology,
Virchows Archiv
Department of Immunology

Groenen, P.J.T.A, Langerak, A.W, Fend, F, & van Krieken, J.H.J.M. (J. H.J.M.). (2020). Memento for interprofessional learning. Virchows Archiv. doi:10.1007/s00428-020-02803-x