Although we are currently overwhelmed by the astonishing speed of infection of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the daily onslaught of new, and ever-worsening predictions, it is vital that we begin to prepare for the aftershocks of the pandemic. Prominent among this will be the cohort of post-intensive case survivors who have been mechanically ventilated and will like experience short- and medium-term consequences of the experience. The notion that patients surviving intensive care and mechanical ventilation for several weeks can be discharged home without further medical attention is a dangerous illusion. Post Intensive Care Syndrome and other severe conditions will require not only adequate screening but early rehabilitation and other interventions. Action must be taken now to prepare for this inevitable shock to the healthcare system.

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Keywords Covid-19, Post Intensive Care Syndrome, Rehabilitation
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Journal Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
Stam, H.J, Stucki, G. (Gerold), & Bickenbach, J. (2020). Covid-19 and Post Intensive Care Syndrome: A Call for Action. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. doi:10.2340/16501977-2677