Purpose: Germline mutations in the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP) have been identified often in the setting of familial isolated pituitary adenoma (FIPA). To date there is no strong evidence linking germline AIP mutations to other neoplasms apart from the pituitary. Our primary objective was to investigate the prevalence of AIP gene mutations and mutations in genes that have been associated with neuroendocrine tumors in series of tumors from patients presenting with both pituitary adenomas and differentiated thyroid carcinomas (DTCs). Methods: Pathology samples were retrieved from all pituitary adenomas in patients with concomitant DTCs, including one with a known germline AIP variant. Subsequently, two additional patients with known germline AIP variants were included, of which one presented only with a follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC). Results: In total, 17 patients (14 DTCs and 15 pituitary adenomas) were investigated by targeted next generation sequencing (NGS). The pituitary tumor samples revealed no mutations, while among the thyroid tumor samples BRAF (6/14, 42.9%) was the most frequently mutated gene, followed by NRAS (3/11, 27.3%). In one AIP-mutated FIPA kindred, the AIP-variant c.853C>T; p.Q285* was confirmed in the FTC specimen, including evidence of loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at the AIP locus in the tumor DNA. Conclusion: Although most observed variants in pituitary adenomas and DTCs were similar to those of sporadic DTCs, we confirmed in one AIP mutation-positive case the AIP-variant and LOH at this locus in an FTC specimen, which raises the potential role of the AIP mutation as a rare initiating event.

Acromegaly, AIP, Pituitary tumors, Thyroid carcinoma
dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12020-020-02303-7, hdl.handle.net/1765/126700
Endocrine : International Journal of Basic and Clinical Endocrinology
Department of Internal Medicine

Coopmans, E.C. (E. C.), Muhammad, A, Daly, A.F, de Herder, W.W, van Kemenade, F.J, Beckers, A, … Neggers, S.J.C.M.M. (S. J.C.M.M.). (2020). The role of AIP variants in pituitary adenomas and concomitant thyroid carcinomas in the Netherlands: a nationwide pathology registry (PALGA) study. Endocrine : International Journal of Basic and Clinical Endocrinology. doi:10.1007/s12020-020-02303-7