This study provides an overview of components of teacher identity that are found in quantitative measurement instruments; and reports on the psychometric quality of these measurement instruments. Our search included studies that assessed components of teacher identity published in English-written, peer-reviewed articles between 2000 and 2018. We analyzed a total of 59 components in 20 studies. After we categorized the components on the basis of a substantive analysis, six main domains of teacher identity became apparent: Self-image, Motivation, Commitment, Self-efficacy, Task perception, and Job satisfaction. Whereas the overall psychometric properties of the measurement instruments used in the different studies were acceptable to good, our systematic overview revealed several conceptual and methodological issues that need to be resolved. The results may contribute to the further operationalization of the complex construct of teacher identity

Domains of teacher identity, Professional identity, Psychometric properties, Quantitative measurement, Review study, Teacher identity,
Educational Research Review
Department of Psychology

Hanna, F., Oostdam, R., Severiens, S.E, & Zijlstra, B.J.H. (2019). Domains of teacher identity: A review of quantitative measurement instruments. Educational Research Review, 27, 15–27. doi:10.1016/j.edurev.2019.01.003