Background Underlying medical causes of obesity (endocrine disorders, genetic obesity disorders, cerebral or medication-induced obesities) are thought to be rare. Even in specialized pediatric endocrinology clinics, low diagnostic yield is reported, but evidence is limited. Identifying these causes is vital for patient-tailored treatment. Objectives To present the results of a systematic diagnostic workup in children and adolescents referred to a specialized pediatric obesity center. Methods This is a prospective observational study. Prevalence of underlying medical causes was determined after a multidisciplinary, systematic diagnostic workup including growth charts analysis, extensive biochemical and hormonal assessment and genetic testing in all patients. Results The diagnostic workup was completed in n = 282 patients. Median age was 10.8 years (IQR 7.7–14.1); median BMI +3.7SDS (IQR +3.3-+4.3). In 54 (19%) patients, a singular underlying medical cause was identified: in 37 patients genetic obesity, in 8 patients cerebral and in 9 patients medication-induced obesities. In total, thirteen different genetic obesity disorders were diagnosed. Obesity onset <5 years (p = 0.04) and hyperphagia (p = 0.001) were indicators of underlying genetic causes, but only in patients without intellectual disability (ID). Patients with genetic obesity with ID more often had a history of neonatal feeding problems (p = 0.003) and short stature (p = 0.005). BMI-SDS was not higher in patients with genetic obesity disorders (p = 0.52). Patients with cerebral and medication-induced obesities had lower height-SDS than the rest of the cohort. Conclusions To our knowledge, this is the first study to report the results of a systematic diagnostic workup aimed at identifying endocrine, genetic, cerebral or medication-induced causes of pediatric obesity. We found that a variety of singular underlying causes were identified in 19% of the patients with severe childhood obesity. Because of this heterogeneity, an extensive diagnostic approach is needed to establish the underlying medical causes and to facilitate disease-specific, patient-tailored treatment.,
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Kleinendorst, L. (Lotte), Abawi, O. (Ozair), van der Voorn, B. (Bibian), Jongejan, M.H.T.M, Brandsma, A.E. (Annelies E.), Visser, J.A. (Jenny A.), … van den Akker, E.L.T. (2020). Identifying underlying medical causes of pediatric obesity: Results of a systematic diagnostic approach in a pediatric obesity center. PLoS ONE, 15(5). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0232990