Inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) is a widely studied governance solution. Most literature defines IMC as a particular service delivery arrangement. However, we argue that IMC manifests itself in several forms and thus a broader definition is necessary. To explore this, we conducted a case study in the solid waste management sector of the emerging metropolitan region in Cuenca-Azogues, Ecuador. Emerging metropolitan regions are particularly suitable for analysing IMC, and so far, there are few studies on IMC in Latin America. Based on the discrepancy between previous studies and the results of our research, we develop a new definition and a new typology of IMC, which can be related to multiple service delivery arrangements.

Ecuador, emerging metropolitan regions, governance, inter-municipal cooperation, solid waste management,
Cogent Social Sciences

Villalba Ferreira, M.E. (Mario Emmanuel), Dijkstra, A.G. (A. Geske), Aniche, L.Q. (Laura Quadros), & Scholten, P. (Peter). (2020). Towards a typology of inter-municipal cooperation in emerging metropolitan regions. A case study in the solid waste management sector in Ecuador. Cogent Social Sciences, 6(1). doi:10.1080/23311886.2020.1757185