In Indonesia, public–private partnerships (PPPs) schemes have been attracting a lot of attention to meet the huge demand for infrastructure developments. However, their applications are still limited and the financial close of a project tends to be behind the planned schedule. This research therefore aims to investigate the critical success factors (CSFs) causing fast/slow progress in the processes toward the financial close of PPPs toll road projects in Indonesia. The results revealed that, to realize smoother delivery of PPPs toll road projects in Indonesia to the financial close in the future, it is important to improve coordination among the related stakeholders especially between the central and local governments, though the other CSFs are currently well developed. The research also found an issue that should be addressed from a sustainability viewpoint, namely that the government highly depends on state-owned companies (SOEs) for a timely financial close of PPPs toll road projects.

critical success factors, financial close, Indonesia, public–private partnerships, toll roads,
Public Works Management Policy
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Endo, K. (Kei), Gianoli, A, & Edelenbos, J. (2020). Coming to Financial Close in PPPs: Identifying Critical Factors in the Case of Toll Road Projects in Indonesia. Public Works Management Policy. doi:10.1177/1087724X20914627