This study seeks to develop an in-store brand-extension commitment (ISBEC) scale. To accomplish this goal, consumers were questioned about the efforts they are willing to undertake when confronted with critical moments in the store concerning their favourite brand extension. Using exploratory factor analysis, seven dimensions of ISBEC efforts were discovered. A higher order factor analysis revealed two factors: switching brand extensions within the same brand and the commitment behaviours in favour of brand extensions. In addition, based upon these seven ISBEC effort dimensions, six clusters of consumers were discovered. In an era of ECR, where the manufacturer and the retailer seek to develop economically responsible category systems, insights into what consumers will do for their preferred brand extensions might provide them with some strategic insights.

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ERIM Article Series (EAS)
The International review of retail, distribution and consumer research
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Verbeke, W., van Ginkel, X., Borghgraef, S., & Farris, P. (2000). An exploration of in-store brand-extension commitment efforts: or is brand loyalty always a good thing to have?. The International review of retail, distribution and consumer research, 23–39. doi:10.1080/095939600342389