Identifying the origin of the rabies virus (RABV) infection may have significant implications for control measures. Here, we identified the source of a RABV infection of two Nepalese migrants in Qatar by comparing their RABV genomes with RABV genomes isolated from the brains of a RABV infected camel and fox from Qatar.

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Keywords metagenomic sequencing, Nanopore sequencing, rabies virus
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Journal International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Oude Munnink, B.B, Farag, E.A.B.A. (Elmoubashar Abu Baker Abd), Geurts van Kessel, C.H, Schapendonk, C.M.E, van der Linden, A, Kohl, R.H.G, … Koopmans, M.P.G, D.V.M. (2020). First molecular analysis of rabies virus in Qatar and clinical cases imported into Qatar, a case report. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 96, 323–326. doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2020.04.070