This article compares the processes by which Netflix entered national pay-television markets in Israel and Spain. In both contexts, Netflix first establishes itself through collaborations with over-the-top (OTT) television operators and then expands through collaborations with legacy providers. By using the perspective of crossnational comparative research, this analysis complicates the scholarly understandings of subscription video on-demand (SVOD) global expansion by drawing attention to the significance of national multichannel providers. Given the differences between the Spanish and Israeli pay-TV markets, Netflix’s similar pattern of engagement in each case highlights the value of understanding SVOD global expansion as a coherent industrial process that produces distinct, context-dependent outcomes. Ultimately, the histories of Netflix in Israel and Spain reveal that internationalization operates at a meso-level where collaborations with pay-television providers facilitate access to national audiences.

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Keywords Netflix, cross-national comparative research, television industry, global television, SVOD, pay television
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Journal Television and New Media
Wayne, M.L, & Castro - Mariño, D. (2020). SVOD Global Expansion in Cross-National Comparative Perspective: Netflix in Israel and Spain. Television and New Media. doi:10.1177/1527476420926496