In this book, Martijn Felder critically examines whether and how policy experimentation contributes to overcoming tensions amongst actors involved in Dutch healthcare governance. He does so by analyzing different policy experiments aimed at moving beyond vested interests and improving collaboration between healthcare professionals and professional others. The different policy experiments analyzed reveal that, even though such experiments have become commonplace in Dutch healthcare governance, actually cutting through vested interests and organizing collaboration seem to be rare accomplishments. To understand such stasis and change, the book highlights three kinds of politics and identifies different mechanisms through which institutions and healthcare professionals do and do not seem to change through policy experimentation.
The book will be of interest to those that study policy experiments, institutional and professional change and the organization of collaboration amongst healthcare actors.

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A.A. de Bont (Antoinette) , H.M. van de Bovenkamp (Hester)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The research was financially supported by the VvAA (Vereniging van Artsen Automobilisten)
Health Care Governance (HCG)

Felder, M. (2020, September 25). Together Alone: An analysis of policy experimentation in Dutch healthcare governance. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from