The cases (Case A and Case B) can be discussed both with an undergraduate and a graduate audience, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. They centre on the award-winning Dutch lingerie designer, Marlies Dekkers. Case A, 'The Girl Entrepreneur Who Dared to Dream', represents a rich account of her initial steps in developing and validating her business idea, followed by rapid scaling and growth of her company, as well as her subsequent struggles in managing the expansion and the cashflow. Case B, 'Redressed: Marlies Dekkers' Recovery and Regrowth', tracks the reinvention of her company following bankruptcy, after an all-woman investor team stepped in to save her after declaring bankruptcy.

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RSM Case Development Centre

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Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

Nolan, J, Cholakova, M.N, & Bevelander, D. (2020). Marlies Dekkers: The Girl Entrepreneur Who Dared to Dream (A). RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from

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