This teaching case is part of a case series that deals with the introduction of a digital multi-sided platform (MSP) – a digital space that aims at increasing collaboration, data sharing, and visibility among the actors involved in different transport and logistics environments. Each case focuses on different aspects and implications related to this introduction. This particular case takes us to the urban context, as it follows the founder and managing director of a small Logistics Service Provider (LSP) in the area of Brussels. The case discusses if and how the introduction of a multi-sided digital platform can improve collaboration with customers and contribute in the optimization of the urban freight transport system, while at the same time decreasing the carbon footprint. The case attempts to draw particular attention to the role a digital platform can play in creating a comprehensive urban logistics system that goes far beyond the platform itself.

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Roukouni, A, & Zuidwijk, R.A. (2020). SUMY: Urban Freight Delivery. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from

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