Recently, in the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, dr. Soo-Eun Chang presented the seminar entitled ‘Neural bases of childhood stuttering: persistence and recovery’. SooEun Chang focuses her research on stuttering and neurodevelopment at the University of Michigan (US). The seminar offered lots of theory and new research in addition to learning opportunities to practice how the newly gained information can be shared with parents and other professionals. We would like to share our reflections on the seminar.
Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie
Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Koenraads, S., & Franken, M.-C. (2018). De hersenontwikkeling bij kinderen die stotteren: Een seminar van onderzoeker Soo-Eun Chang. Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie, 23, 1–8. Retrieved from