Current guidelines for the development of decision aids recommend that they have to include a process for helping patients clarify their personal values, for example, by using values clarification methods. In this article, we extensively described the development process of the web-based values clarification method for patients with localized low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer based on the analytic hierarchy process. With analytic hierarchy process, the relative importance of different attributes of available treatments can be determined through series of pairwise comparisons of potential outcomes. Furthermore, analytic hierarchy process is able to use this information to present respondents with a quantitative overall treatment score and can therefore give actual treatment advice upon patients’ request. The addition of this values clarification method to an existing web-based treatment decision aid for patients with localized prostate cancer is thought to improve the support offered to patients in their decision-making process and their decision quality

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Health Informatics Journal
Department of Urology

de Angst, I.B., Weernink, M.G.M., Kil, P.J.M, van Til, JA, Cornel, E.B, & Takkenberg, J.J.M. (2020). Development and usability testing of a multi-criteria value clarification methods for patients with localized prostate cancer. Health Informatics Journal, 26(1), 486–498. doi:10.1177/1460458219832055