Introduction: To set up and guide interventions with the aim to increase physical activity and lower sedentary behavior valid monitoring of physical behavior is essential. The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity of the single-unit Activ8 activity monitor to classify several body postures and movements. Methods: Twelve healthy adults performed a series of activities, representative for everyday life, according to a standard protocol. Activ8 was both worn in the trouser pocket (prescribed location) and fixated to the front of the thigh. Activities were video recorded and analyzed thereafter. Postures and movements that were analyzed were lying/ sitting, standing, walking, cycling, and running. Results: The agreement between Activ8 output and video analysis was 89.7% (inter-subject range: 66.0 to 96.6%) for the pocket location and 91.9% (range 85.5 to 95.1%) for the thigh location. Sensitivity and positive predictive value scores for both locations were all above 80%, except for standing (69% or higher). Differences in classified duration of separate postures and movements were within 20% for walking, sitting and running. Conclusion: The Activ8 is a valid instrument to quantify a defined set of body postures and movements. Because of the smaller time difference, the thigh location is preferred for research purposes.

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Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Horemans, H.L.D, Kooijmans, H, van den Berg-Emons, R, & Bussmann, J.B.J. (2020). The Activ8 activity monitor: Validation of posture and movement classification. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, 7. doi:10.1177/2055668319890535