The version of the Article previously published did not acknowledge Freya Boardman-Pretty17,18 and the Genomics England Research Consortium in the author list. This has now been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Article.,
Genetics in Medicine

Calpena, E. (Eduardo), Cuellar, A. (Araceli), Bala, K. (Krithi), Swagemakers, S.M.A, Koelling, N. (Nils), McGowan, S.J, … Wilkie, A.O.M. (2020). Correction: SMAD6 variants in craniosynostosis: genotype and phenotype evaluation (Genetics in Medicine, (2020), 10.1038/s41436-020-0817-2). Genetics in Medicine. doi:10.1038/s41436-020-0886-2