INTRODUCTION: Patients with paediatric-onset inflammatory bowel disease (PIBD) may develop a complicated disease course, including growth failure, bowel resection at young age and treatment-related adverse events, all of which can have significant and lasting effects on the patient's development and quality of life. Unfortunately, we are still not able to fully explain the heterogeneity between patients and their disease course and predict which patients will respond to certain therapies or are most at risk of developing a more complicated disease course. To investigate this, large prospective studies with long-term follow-up are needed. Currently, no such European or Asian international cohorts exist. In this international cohort, we aim to evaluate disease course and which patients are most at risk of therapy non-response or development of complicated disease based on patient and disease characteristics, immune pathology and environmental and socioeconomic factors. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: In this international prospective observational study, which is part of the PIBD Network for Safety, Efficacy, Treatment and Quality improvement of care (PIBD-SETQuality), children diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease <18 years are included at diagnosis. The follow-up schedule is in line with standard PIBD care and is intended to continue up to 20 years. Patient and disease characteristics, as well as results of investigations, are collected at baseline and during follow-up. In addition, environmental factors are being assessed (eg, parent's smoking behaviour, dietary factors and antibiotic use). In specific centres with the ability to perform extensive immunological analyses, blood samples and intestinal biopsies are being collected and analysed (flow cytometry, plasma proteomics, mRNA expression and immunohistochemistry) in therapy-naïve patients and during follow-up. ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: Medical ethical approval has been obtained prior to patient recruitment for all sites. The results will be disseminated through peer-reviewed scientific publications. TRIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER: NCT03571373.

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BMJ Open
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Aardoom, M.A. (Martine A.), Kemos, P. (Polychronis), Tindemans, I, Aloi, M, Koletzko, S, Levine, A. (Arie), … de Ridder, L. (2020). International prospective observational study investigating the disease course and heterogeneity of paediatric-onset inflammatory bowel disease: the protocol of the PIBD-SETQuality inception cohort study. BMJ Open, 10(7). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-035538