The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has led to preventive measures worldwide. With the decline of infection rates, less stringent restrictions for sports and exercise are being implemented. COVID-19 is associated with significant cardiovascular complications; however there are limited data on cardiovascular complications and long-term outcomes in both competitive (elite) athletes and highly active individuals. Based on different categories of disease severity (asymptomatic, regional/systemic symptoms, hospitalisation, myocardial damage, and/or myocarditis), in this point-of-view article we offer the (sports) cardiologist or sports physician in the Netherlands a practical guide to pre-participation screening, and diagnostic and management strategies in all athletes >16 years of age after COVID-19 infection.

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Keywords COVID-19, Exercise, Myocarditis, Recommendations, Sports
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Journal Netherlands Heart Journal
Verwoert, G.C. (G. C.), de Vries, S.T. (S. T.), Bijsterveld, N. (N.), Willems, A.R. (A. R.), vd Borgh, R. (R.), Jongman, J.K. (J. K.), … Jørstad, H.T. (2020). Return to sports after COVID-19: a position paper from the Dutch Sports Cardiology Section of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology. Netherlands Heart Journal. doi:10.1007/s12471-020-01469-z