A Futures Literacy application to a major healthcare project is described. Funded under the EU FP7 framework, the 'Man-aged Outcomes' project modelled resource usage across four different medical conditions and linked this with patient health outcomes. A Futures Literacy approach was undertaken to explore scenarios for future care provision in 18 workshops, and five languages. Facilitator training, workshop preparation, delivery and outcomes are described. The process provided a consistent framework for generating relevant outputs from local care professionals and indicated potential operational process developments to improve patient outcomes.

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doi.org/10.6531/JFS.20200324(3).0004, hdl.handle.net/1765/128964
Journal of Futures Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Forte, P, Miller, R. (Riel), Bowen, T. (Tom), Vissers, J, Faubel, R, Pavi, E, & Malmström, T. (2020). A futures literacy application in health care: The managed outcomes project case study. Journal of Futures Studies, 24(3), 51–61. doi:10.6531/JFS.20200324(3).0004