Thrombosis has proven to be extremely difficult to predict. Measuring the generation of thrombin is a very sensitive method to detect changes in the hemostatic system. We developed a method based on the generation of thrombin to further fingerprint hemostasis, which we have named thrombin dynamics. Via this method we are able to exactly measure the prothrombin conversion and thrombin inactivation, and any change in the coagulation cascade will be reflected in these two processes. In the current study we analyzed the importance of the members of the prothrombin complex on the dynamics of thrombin activation and inactivation. We show that prothrombin conversion is predominantly influenced by factor X and antithrombin, which will provide essential insights in complex thrombosis-related diseases, such as liver cirrhosis and kidney failure.,
Scientific Reports
Department of Hematology

de Laat-Kremers, R.M.W. (Romy M. W.), Yan, Q. (Qiuting), Ninivaggi, M. (Marisa), de Maat, M., & De Laat, B. (2020). Deciphering the coagulation profile through the dynamics of thrombin activity. Scientific Reports, 10(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-020-69415-y