Background: Demanding working conditions in medical practice pressurise the well-being of physicians across all career stages, likely harming patients and healthcare systems. Structural solutions to harmful working conditions are necessary as well as interventions to support physicians in contemporary practice. We report on developing and piloting a team-based program for physicians to improve their working conditions and well-being. Approach: Program development steps involved: a preparatory phase, needs assessment, and program design. The program consisted of (1) a feedback tool addressing working conditions and well-being, and an intervention including (2a) a facilitated team dialogue and (2b) a team training on communication and collaborative job crafting. In the program’s pilot, 377 physicians from 48 teams in 14 Dutch hospitals used the feedback tool. Four teams participated in the team dialogue. Two teams performed the team training. Evaluation: Physicians indicated that the program was a useful format to gain insight into their working conditions and well-being, and possibly to improve their well-being collaboratively. Reflection: We provide seven critical reflections on developing and piloting our program, accompanied by recommendations for developing well-being interventions. Our development approach, program components, and recommendations may support physicians and other healthcare professionals in demanding work environments.

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Perspectives on Medical Education

Debets, M.P.M. (Maarten P. M.), Lombarts, K., Hugenholtz, N.I.R. (Nathalie I. R.), & Scheepers, R. (2020). Developing and piloting a well-being program for hospital-based physicians. Perspectives on Medical Education. doi:10.1007/s40037-020-00600-5