Writings of Hannah Arendt In her work, Hannah Arendt does not deal with the built environment in concrete terms, nor does she write about architecture as a professional field that literally shapes this built environment. In this article, the editors of this OASE present four related themes from the oeuvre of Arendt, which are nevertheless relevant to the field of architecture: ‘plurality’, ‘the boundaries between the public & private realm’, ‘sustainability and culture’, and finally the unpredictability of ‘action’. The themes are addressed through a selection of quotations from the oeuvre of Hannah Arendt (especially her book The Human Condition), after which the authors briefly discuss the relevance of the theme for the field of architecture.


Teerds, H, Grafe, C, & Koekoek, C. (2020). Four Themes for Architecture in the Writings of Hannah Arendt (Vier thema's voor architectuur in het werk van Hannah Arendt). OASE, 106, 14–25. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/129349