The thesis focuses on optimizing decision-making for breast cancer patients and on improving the quality of the care delivered. Within this value-based breast cancer care, we strive for the best outcomes and experiences for the individual breast cancer patient in relation to the care pathway she must follow. We are focused on outcome prediction and making the right choice with each individual breast cancer patient, with the ultimate goal of improving a woman’s health-related quality of life. Within this thesis we attempt to connect diagnostic tools, surgical treatments, follow-up, and opinions and insights. Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and patients’ experiences were the main sources of information, putting the patient’s perspective at the heart of this thesis. This thesis also has (inter)national significance through collaboration with ICHOM (International Consortium of Health Outcome Measures) and the development of a standard set of value-based patient-centred outcomes for breast cancer, which can be used worldwide. This allows Rotterdam to compare its results in scientific research with those in other hospitals.

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C. Verhoef (Kees) , J.A. Hazelzet (Jan) , L.B. Koppert (Linetta)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
This thesis is partly realised due to the financial support of the department of Surgery and the department of Public Health of Erasmus University Medical Center, Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (IKNL), Junior Vereniging Plastische Chirurgie (JVPC), Chipsoft, ABN AMRO and Congress Company
Department of Surgical Oncology

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