This editorial aims to advance the use of qualitative research methods when studying entrepreneurship. First, it outlines four characteristics of the domain of entrepreneurship that qualitative research is uniquely placed to address. In studying these characteristics, we urge researchers to leverage the plurality of different qualitative approaches, including less conventional methods. Second, to help researchers develop high-level theoretical contributions, we point to multiple possible contributions, and highlight how such contributions can be developed through qualitative methods. Thus, we aim to broaden the types of contributions and forms that qualitative entrepreneurship research takes, in ways that move beyond prototypical inductive theory-building.

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Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

van Burg, E., Cornelissen, J., Stam, W. (Wouter), & Jack, S. (Sarah). (2020). Advancing Qualitative Entrepreneurship Research: Leveraging Methodological Plurality for Achieving Scholarly Impact. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. doi:10.1177/1042258720943051