This in vivo study investigated the effect of axial load on lunate and scaphoid kinematics during flexion–extension and radial–ulnar deviation of the uninjured wrist using four-dimensional computed tomography. We found that applying axial load to the wrist results in a more flexed, radially deviated and pronated position of the lunate and scaphoid during flexion–extension of the wrist compared with when no load is applied. A larger pronation and supination range of the lunate and scaphoid was seen when the wrist was flexed and extended under axial load, whereas a larger flexion and extension range of the lunate and scaphoid occurred during radial–ulnar deviation of the wrist when axial load was applied.

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Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume)

Brinkhorst, M., Streekstra, G., van Rosmalen, J., Strackee, S. D., & Hovius, S. (2020). Effects of axial load on in vivo scaphoid and lunate kinematics using four-dimensional computed tomography. Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume). doi:10.1177/1753193420943400