Tissue mimicking phantoms are frequently used in hyperthermia applications for device and protocol optimization. Unfortunately, a commonly experienced limitation is that their precise thermal properties are not available. Therefore, in this study, the thermal properties of three currently used QA phantoms for deep hyperthermia are measured with an ‘’off-shelf’’ commercial thermal property analyzer. We have measured averaged values of thermal conductivity (k = 0.59 ± 0.07 Wm−1K−1), volumetric heat capacity (C = 3.85 ± 0.45 MJm−3K−1) and thermal diffusivity (D = 0.16 ± 0.02 mm2s−1). These values are comparable with reported values of internal organs, such as liver, kidney and muscle. In addition, a sensitivity study of the performance of the commercial sensor is conducted. To ensure correct thermal measurements, the sample under test should entirely cover the length of the sensor, and a minimum of 4 mm of material parallel to the sensor in all directions should be guaranteed.

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doi.org/10.3390/s20164549, hdl.handle.net/1765/129663
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)
Department of Radiation Oncology

Farina, L. (Laura), Sumser, K. (Kemal), van Rhoon, G.C, & Curto, S. (Sergio). (2020). Thermal characterization of phantoms used for quality assurance of deep hyperthermia systems. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 20(16), 1–9. doi:10.3390/s20164549