Introduction and Aim: Knowledge on patterns of beliefs about the illness (illness cognitions) can provide insight into individual differences in adjustment to haemophilia. The current study aimed to identify (a) which sociodemographic and disease characteristics were associated with illness cognitions and (b) which illness cognitions were associated with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in young adult men with haemophilia, besides sociodemographic and disease characteristics. Methods: Young adult men (18-30 years) with haemophilia in the Netherlands participated in an online multicentre cross-sectional study. Participants completed the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Young Adult version (PedsQL_YA). Potential sociodemographic determinants were assessed with the Course of Life Questionnaire (CoLQ) and illness cognitions with the Illness Cognition Questionnaire (ICQ). Multiple linear regression analyses were performed to assess potential determinants of illness cognitions and HRQOL. Results: Seventy young adult men with haemophilia (mean age 24.7 years, SD 3.5) participated. Born outside the Netherlands (β −0.24) and >1 bleed past 6 months (β −0.32) were associated with less acceptance of the disease. More acceptance was associated with better HRQOL in all domains: β 0.23-0.39. More helplessness was associated with worse total (β −0.30) and physical (β −0.42) HRQOL. Disease benefits, sociodemographic and disease characteristics were not associated with HRQOL. Conclusion: Illness cognitions are associated with HRQOL in young adult men with haemophilia. Early recognition and identification of illness cognitions are important to facilitate support and psychosocial treatment to optimize young adults’ well-being. Extra attention is needed for young adult men with frequent bleeds because they are at risk of lowered levels of acceptance of the disease.

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Department of Hematology

Limperg, P.F. (Perrine F.), Maurice-Stam, H, Heesterbeek, M.R. (Madelief R.), Peters, M.A.D, Coppens, M, Kruip, M.J.H.A, … Haverman, L. (2020). Illness cognitions associated with health-related quality of life in young adult men with haemophilia. Haemophilia. doi:10.1111/hae.14120