Description Takes a European approach in opposition to many US-oriented texts giving students a better understanding of issues within Europe. Covers a broad range of recent developments with European and global empirical examples and case studies to link theories to the real world, providing students with everything they need to understand this course. This text is supported by a valuable Online Resource Centre which includes a comprehensive study guide which reinforces what students have learnt and prepares them for exams. Written from a European perspective, this text offers coverage of all the key elements of international economics: trade, money and finance. A firm emphasis is placed on ensuring that students understand how the theory relates to real world examples, providing undergraduate students with everything they need to understand this course. Empirical and Political detail is given close attention. International Economics contains 32 chapters split into 2 large parts, with Part II covering International Trade and Part III covering International Money. A comprehensive online study guide for students supports the text with further information, simulations, data, and exercises.

international economic policy, international economic theory, international economics
International Economics: General (jel F0)
Oxford University Press
Erasmus School of Economics

van Marrewijk, J.G.M. (2007). International Economics: Theory, Application, and Policy. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from

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