In this chapter, we focus on the opportunities and challenges of a specific application of artificial intelligence (AI) within the police organisation, i.e. the application of AI to the crime reporting process. Various considerations underlie the use of AI by the police. The overarching shared objective of the entire security domain is one of making society safer. Reporting crimes plays an important role in that context. AI offers several opportunities to achieve this objective. However, the implementation of AI involves more than just adopting a new technology; it extends to organisational aspects and social interactions. Therefore, it is of great importance that police officers, as well as other actors in the security chain and citizens, are receptive to the use of AI in the crime reporting process. We consider the opportunities and challenges from an organisational and management perspective and conclude by identifying avenues for further research and giving recommendations for practice.

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Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

Vermeeren, B., de Kool, D., & Steijn, B. (2020). Perceived Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Within the Police - A Public Management Perspective. In International Security Management: New Solutions to Complexity. Retrieved from