This accessible introduction to the world economy and to the theory and practice of globalization argues that key topics in international economics cannot be understood without knowledge of international business, and vice versa. It reviews and combines insights from both literatures and applies them to real-world issues, clearly explaining the main concepts of international economics and business in a uniquely integrated approach. This innovative textbook is aimed at students, consultants and managers who have a basic knowledge of economics. Key Features: tComprehensive coverage of the main issues, including: - international trade - capital mobility - comparative advantage - foreign direct investments - multinational behaviour - financial crises - economic growth tCarefully selected international examples and case studies tSpecial interest boxes clearly explain more difficult economic concepts tLively and accessible style tCompanion website includes additional case studies, exercises and answers to exercises, data, illustrations and links.

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Cambridge University Press
Erasmus School of Economics

Brakman, S, Garretsen, J.H, van Marrewijk, J.G.M, & van Witteloostuijn, A. (2006). Nations and firms in the global economy: an introduction to international economics and business. Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from

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