The increasing discoveries regarding the biology and functions of platelets in the last decade undoubtedly show that these cells are one of the most biotechnological human cells. This review summarizes new advances in platelet biology, functions, and new concepts of biotech-educated platelets that connect advanced biomimetic science to platelet-based additive manufacturing for tissue regeneration. As highly responsive and secretory cells, platelets could be explored to develop solutions that alter injured microenvironments through platelet-based synthetic biomaterials with instructive extracellular cues for morphogenesis in tissue engineering beyond tissue regeneration 2.0.

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Keywords biomaterials, biotechnology, growth factors, platelets, tissue regeneration
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Journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Andrade, S.S. (Sheila Siqueira), Faria, A.V.S. (Alessandra Valéria de Sousa), Girão, M.J.B.C. (Manoel João Batista C), Fuhler, G.M, Peppelenbosch, M.P, & Ferreira-Halder, C.V. (Carmen V.). (2020). Biotech-Educated Platelets: Beyond Tissue Regeneration 2.0. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Vol. 21). doi:10.3390/ijms21176061