Communication and other nontechnical skills can affect the number of adverse events occurring in perioperative areas. Our study assessed the properties of the Scrub Practitioners’ List of Intraoperative Non-Technical Skills (SPLINTS) used to assess nontechnical skills of scrub nurses in a diverse Asian ophthalmic ambulatory setting. We evaluated the content validation index, cultural equivalence index, concurrent validity, interrater reliability, test-retest reliability, internal consistency, and concurrent validity. The content validity and cultural equivalence indices were 0.93 and 0.91, respectively. We found that the tool showed acceptable interrater reliability, acceptable test-retest reliability, and an appropriate Cronbach alpha ranging from 0.80 to 0.88. We found satisfactory concurrent validity between the SPLINTS and the communication and teamwork scale assessment (rs = 0.73, P < .001) and clinical teamwork scale (rs = 0.64, P < .001). We concluded that SPLINTS is a sound psychometric tool for assessing the nontechnical skills of culturally-diverse scrub persons in ambulatory surgery settings.

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Perioperative Nursing Clinics
Health Services Management & Organisation (HSMO)

Loh, H.P, de Korne, D.F, Yin, S.Q., Ang, E., & Lau, Y. (2019). Assessment of Scrub Practitioners’ List of Intraoperative Non‐Technical Skills (SPLINTS) in an Asian Ambulatory Surgical Setting. Perioperative Nursing Clinics, 109(4), 465–476. doi:10.1002/aorn.12640