International trade & the world economy gives a succinct, yet fairly complete, up-to-date, and thorough introduction to the forces underlying all 'real' international economics, such as trade and investment flows, imperfect competition, trade policy, multinationals, economic integration, etc. The book's target audience includes first and second year university and college students in economics, management and business with a working knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Elementary comprehension of mathematics for economists (simple functions and differentiation) is recommended. The approach is based on the student's active participation using the companion Study Guide and the website. These provide, for example, empirical questions to test theories and simulation questions to get a better feel for the structure of economic models by performing small, user friendly computer simulations and interpreting the results.

global economics, international economics, international trade
Trade: General (jel F10)
Oxford University Press
Erasmus School of Economics

van Marrewijk, J.G.M. (2002). International Trade & The World Economy. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from

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