Decision Sciences is a multidisciplinary area that is concerned with advancing knowledge and improving instruction in all areas related to decision making and scientific analysis in several cognate disciplines in both the Sciences and Social Sciences. This paper is concerned with an editorial statement of intent for Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS), which was founded in 1997, so that 2018 marks the 22nd Anniversary of the journal. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the development of 382 papers that have been published in ADS from 1997 to 2018 through the number of papers, number of pages, and mean length of papers.

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Advances in Decision Sciences
Department of Econometrics

McAleer, M. (Michael), McAleer, M. (Michael), McAleer, M., McAleer, M. (Michael), & McAleer, M. (Michael). (2018). 22nd anniversary special issue of advances in decision sciences (ADS), 1997-2018. Advances in Decision Sciences (Vol. 22). Retrieved from