Marine engineering is an important way for a country to go deep blue. In the marine environment, there are many factors that affect the durability of concrete, among which the most harmful one is chloride ion erosion. In order to improve the ability to resist chloride ion permeation, this paper designs, compares and selects the appropriate water cement ratio of marine concrete, with the use of new anticorrosive technologies such as epoxy coating and silane impregnation. The design service life and the chloride ion diffusion coefficient prediction are analysed by establishing models, and this paper verifies whether the engineering design meets the service life requirement.,
2020 4th International Conference on Water Conservancy, Hydropower and Building Engineering, WCHBE 2020
Erasmus School of Economics

Zhao, X. (Xirui), Gao, H. (Huaxi), Fan, W. (Wei), Duan, Y. (Yue), Shang, Z. (Ziqi), & Hou, J. (Jinglong). (2020). Design and durability analysis of marine concrete. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/560/1/012035